What is Happy Pineapple? June 1, 2017 – Posted in: Blog

What is Happy pineapple?

Its a work in progress.  We havent figured it out so I have no story to tell you yet. I’m Still looking for answers.

I will poke at it, test it, analyze it, then change direction and my mind many times over in its life span. When i think about it, that sounds like life to me.

I am the Founder and CEO of Happy Pineapple.

My name is ken im 42.  My life has been an journey in the endless pursuit of happiness.
I am a disaster at many things and brilliant at others. Basically Human.
I am from Alberta Canada, i packed that life and career in, and my wife and kids up, and we are bringing the concept of happy pineapple firstly to Czech republic, then Europe.

What i am going to share with you is my insights on life,  love,  navigating challenges,  being happier, gifting yourself and absolutely no religion talk.
Some blogs will be me speaking to you, and some will be in story form.

Lets start by talking about life in general and how to get what you want out of it.


Two things you need to start with…

#1. Make sure you are being Productive and contributing to a greater good.

#2. What you are thinking of doing is within your circle of influence.


live IN the life you have.

Look at what cards you’ve been dealt for this flash in the pan called life, then take those cards and make the best out of it.  Do it well and don’t be a big boob about it. No whining  aloud.

Ground breaking info right there.

Change happens in tiny little steps and is frustrating as hell, but its amazing when you have real change. I’ll talk more about the mystery of change later.

For right now i am saying hello, nice to meet you.

Stay tuned.