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Clothes brand: Mika yoga wear

Mika aims to produce affordable, fresh, flattering, feminine workout wear for women all over the world. We work to create clothing that allows women to feel comfortable and confident. We understand the differences and uniqueness each body has and strive to produce products which will encompass all. Each piece has been thoughtfully crafted with this in mind. The unique blend of fabrics satisfy all workouts; whether you’re in the hot yoga room, twirling on a pole, or simply running around town, our clothes offer long-lasting comfort and durability. We strive for you to feel comfortable, confident and inspired.

I would like to speak to something that is near to our hearts at happy pineapple. we offer coffee and beverages to our customers while they shop, free of charge. just because we like you and thank you for coming.

Although we do offer for free, if you wanted to make a donation towards our kids forever campaign. That non profit side of our business is special because that money goes towards under privileged kids in the community we live in.

We believe that kids in sports who get the gift of playing sports growing up are much like adults who do yoga. They are better for the community and ultimately the world.

Thank you for any donation you feel to give.

Happy Pineapple