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*Please Note: ALL Sparkle items are hand sparkled and may take extra time to be created.

Hello ladies, what do you see? A bra? Yes, but unlike any other bra.  Look at the mirror, now look at your boobs.  Do they look fabulous? Yes.  Look at the front, now look at the back, is that a sexy razor back to help support? Yes it is.  What did you say?  “I look smokin?” Yes you do, my friend…yes, you do.
Jane has nothing on you; you’ve slayed the fearsom beast of the nile and wear it’s skin to tell your story. Tarzan is impressed with your agility and strength. This top is fantastic for petite chests, this lifting-and-flattering design will have you feeling like you’ve never felt  before in a sports bra.  The razor-back design is not only functional in its support but also makes your back look sexy-as-heck!  Enjoy your yoga workout or trotting the beach in this top… bow to you, Queen of the Jungle.


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Features: Razorback for practical and sexy comfort, shapely cup seams to provide support and form.
Fabric: Perfit: 90% Polyester 10% Lycra
Care: Wash with like colors.  For best results, hang dry or tumble low. Do not wash with towels.
Designed for: Hot yoga, pole fitness, dance, swim & beach wear, alternate bra.
Activity level: Best for low to high intensity.


Black, Cream, Fire Opal


Large, Medium, Small, XLarge, XSmall

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